Saturday, March 31, 2012

Throw Back of the Week

Not to brag... but I have a pretty great book collection. Diverse (both in subject and time), high quality and all acquired for a steal (thank you mom for the bargain hunting skills). It is a bit of a guilty pleasure, shipping books across the world buuuut, I have now gained the leisure time to check them out. From my library comes this artifact from the good old days of driving. It was printed in 1953 and I am sure that I find it more interesting than the average drivers ed. student did. So close your eyes (this will make it hard to read so just picture this in your head), imagine you are in a high school class room. The guys are wearing blue jeans rolled at he cuff, a black belt and a plain white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up and tons of product in their hair. Girls? They are wearing long skirts, with mary janes and their hair is tied back with a pink ribbon in a pony tail with the ends curled. They may be wearing a cashmere sweeter or a high wasted jacket. Now open your eyes and read on.

From the title I gather that it was a campaign to make drivers education "sporty" and fun. The best part are the illustrations are that they depict another time both in style and in message. Here are a few gems:

Little known fact that drinking and walking is dangerous too!

This is something they don't teach in drivers ed anymore...

In case you were wondering what that big circular thing does.

Golfing and driving... Never would have made that connection.

The public must not stand for it...

This is what driving or walking in Dhaka is like.

You see it really is slow driver's fault, always knew it!

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That is where all my money is going.

I would never pick up this hitch hiker, he just looks evil.

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