Friday, March 30, 2012

Scotch Night II

We have started an official Scotch Club here where people are paying dues and everything. About 20 members all pitched in and Ben went shopping on his way home from recruiting in Boston. He brought back a great assortment of the four Scotches seen below:
From left to right: Jura 16 year, Glenrothes 1985, Dalwhinnie 15, Balblair 1990
Robb was kind enough to host the first night and everybody came through with some yummy bits. After researching scotch pairings I stumbled apon mention of black pepper ice cream... Oh and look I just happened to bring my ice cream maker! The hardest part was finding some rock salt. Here it is post crank, and man was it tasty with some scotch!

There was no clear favorite and there was even a last minute addition from Leon of some of his home made scotch. The amazing thing is that it did pretty well and its claim to fame was that no one poured it out! (unlike one of its more costly brothers). It was pretty low key blind tasting with everyone tasting to find their personal fave and then savoring a glass with great company. My fave was the Glenrothes but I was pouring so I might have been brain washed by the hefty price tag. 

We did another tasting a week later to try to get the guys that missed the first one. This time Leon and Elaine hosted and we were a bit more organized and had a totaling of points to pick a winner... which I can't even remember but I think it was the Balblair. This time my picks were completely different than the second tasting which brought up a discussion about the order of tasting affecting the outcome. To be honest, I don't think there was a scotch that compared with the first night but we still had fun and I can say I tasted a scotch bottled in 1985. The surprise was Leon's new batch of scotch. He let it spend some time on charcoal to mellow and it got third! Ahead of the $150 bottle of Glenrothes. Either we suck a tasting scotch or there is some serious hype about the age of scotch. Maybe I just need more practice! Who cares, nice work Leon!

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