Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pictures... Finally!

So we had quite a bit of baggage (there is a bike in a box missing from this picture

 Lola and Jessica enjoying the extra foot space and the luxury of Qatar Airlines

Lola running through the Dhaka Airport (the guy stamping our passports was in the process of taking a nap... seriously!)

This is the morning after we showed up from the window of our apartment.

One of the stair cases in our new school.

The view from the roof of our school. The fenced area on the right are tennis courts!

Lola's new room... pretty spoiled! 

 Our new room.

We were invited to a boat ride the other day. It was an amazing bus ride out to the launch. I tried to capture it but because the bus windows were really dirty and I was trying to take pics from a moving bus and later the lack of light the pictures that follow are the best i could do.

This is a great shot of the local building techniques. the bamboo supports the forms so they can pour a concrete deck or roof. I have seem the most amazing elegant solutions using very little technology. Just good old fashioned ingenuity.

 A barge pumping water. Another use for bamboo!

This is so elegant I wish I could have got a better picture to do it justice. Yet another use of bamboo. This is a fishing net that they lower and raise. Simple machines!

All of us waiting to board the boats, there are three of them. 

Jessica having a blast getting on the boat... Lola throwing a fit because she fell asleep on the bus only to be woken up to get on the boat. The humanity!


  1. Sweet! I expect you to create some epic bamboo furniture and possibly a bamboo bike... Looks like you guys are already having a blast and obviously seeing some interesting sights. How's the humidity?

  2. The humidity is oppressive! We have had a few nice days where it felt cooler but I think we are just getting used to it. I went on a 15 minute run and came back drenched.

  3. Yeeeahhh pictures! Looks like you all are having a great time already. You're new place looks beautiful! More pics please!

  4. Yes, as soon as we have a day off I intend on walking the neighborhood and getting some of the prime photo ops that I have seen (there are a lot!)