Saturday, August 27, 2011

Its a small world after all

So after moving from our first house to our new house (to be closer to the school) there were about 6 books that were left on the shelf. I checked out the titles when we first moved in: English-Hindi Dictionary, an old humanities text book, a couple others and How Does a Poem Mean? Is this book for real? Who would buy this? I never had the chance to check it out because I was busy moving. So today I was lounging around the house and thought I should take a look at it. So I crack it open and on the cover page someone has written their name... I was just flipping through and I got a quarter of the way through before it clicked in my brain. I knew that name! I flip back, sure enough. Written on the cover page is "Pam Dehner" my aunt that taught at AISD! Pam, if you have been missing this book and want it back let me know! Now that is a small world.

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