Saturday, August 20, 2011


I got an invite from one of the long time teachers at AISD to come over to help brew beer. I have tasted a couple of different batches of Leon's beer. They are interesting, full of flavor and rather un-homebrew like which is so refreshing after drinking mostly Hieneken since our arrival. He has a proven setup and brews 20 gallons at a time! When I arrived he already had the malt and hops boiling. Our job was to transfer from stove top pan to a pan on the floor and cool it as quickly as possible. The key is a heat exchanger. Boiling beer goes in one side and ice water in the other. What comes out is 21 degree C beer and warm water. Leon was a Chemistry major in college so he has a very ordered and clean way about his brewing: think efficient production line. He also has a distillery!!!!!! Fun Fun Fun. Here is a pic of the man in action.

Can't wait for our container to arrive so I can brew too!

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