Friday, August 19, 2011

Finally got some good light and kinda clear skys.

Here are some randoms from an outing and some from our roof.

How could I not take a picture of this?

The partial view of a Mosque from the neighborhood park.

Another had to take.

Bangladesh, the land of the legal teeter totter, eat your heart out America!

No idea what this is called but it is a bush that for a flower it produces some pink leaves that surround the small yellow flower. In this picture the yellow flower has not opened yet.

Shot of the Mosque architecture.

After taking a bunch of pictures Lola asked if she could take some. So we gave her our old Point and Shoot and she has taken about 200 Pics. Mostly extreme close ups of stuff partially covered by a wayward finger. The pictures of her taking pics are way better!

After every picture she takes she shows it to you. By the time the camera makes it in front of your face the picture has disappeared. At least she is cute!

 This is a shot of my favorite local building from our roof. My goal is to get invited to the roof.

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