Monday, August 15, 2011

Less Words More Pictures!

According to demand here are some strolling pics! You can click on them to see a larger version.
This is of a construction project from our window.

This is Lola modeling her new local shirt.

 This is the local work truck. Pretty impressive what they can get on these things!

I was working hard to get this pic of a rickshaw full of doors and the guy notice and rewarded me with a wave!

I love bike shots... shocker! Couple of things to point out. The early 1900's style brakes, the "custom" brazing work, cool grips and that great dent on the lower top tube.

Whats wrong with rebar seat stays?

The local nursery, just squatting on the land on the side of the road.

Rickshaws awaiting customers.

Great chance to see rickshaws from above!

 Welcome to the madness! I love the guy napping on top of the bus. There is all kinds of horn hell going off right now too.

People, rickshaws, trucks, buses, CNG's, bikes and horn honking as far as the eye can see. There is a foot bridge across this major road near our house. I could have spent most of the day here: prime people watching!

This is a good example of the dichotomy of Bangladesh. Super nice new building with super poorly organized utilities. So you need cable? I'll just run a new line. 

Load envy.

There are people on the roof, people sitting on the dash and a line of people trying to push aboard.

Out of focus but a good example of the artistic uniqueness of every rickshaw.


  1. Sweet shots! A lot of this reminds me of Central America (horns, buses popping at the seams, traffic madness, wire madness, rain...) You're having a colorful year! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the pics dude. Those roads look pretty crazy to me - have you been riding out with the rickshaws and buses? Is the humidity as intense as I'm imagining?

  3. Disregard my humidity question - I should start reading the older comment responses before repeating my questions... my bad.

  4. No worries Ryan. I have only had the chance to ride my bike once and it was madness. I need to get out more but need to get in my teaching groove first.