Saturday, April 14, 2012

Car of the Week: Triumph TR6

Two beautiful examples. The one in front is pretty much my dream settup: factory hard top, minilight wheels and the frond bumper removed. Photo from unknown photographer.

I have decided to make this Car of the Week a more accessible car, something that I might actually own one day. The Triumph TR6 has always impressed me as a beautifully simple car design-wise. The amazing thing to me is the masculine look which is odd for a small two seater. Think of all the Miata, Afla spyders, Fiats etc. which are hard to picture men driving. The TR6 was (and is) a lot of car for an affordable price. It was built from 1967-76 and sold new for $3,300. For this you got a carbureted OHC inline 6 engine that produced 104 bhp (Eurpean models were fuel injected and produced 150 bhp) independent rear suspension, front disc brakes and a 4speed gearbox with optional overdrive. The 0-60 time was a respectable 8.2 seconds (more like 10 for the US carbureted version) and a top speed of 120 mph. This thing was not a road carver or a drag racer but it looks good and I bet it would sound great blowing through some twisty sections of road.

Another nice example this one is from

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