Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's for real!

The movers came today... Such a simple thing just changed my life. I have moved myself countless times, moved my family, helped friends move but I have never been moved before! I just sat around today in case they needed anything or had any questions... They didn't. Six hours later our house is empty. No heavy lifting, no trips to the truck, no backing down stairs... Weird. Now I'm wondering from room to room and it hit me. We are actually moving to Bangladesh! (or more accurately some guys just moved us to Bangladesh) but my point is that it is finally happening, we have been talking about it for so long it just seemed so far off.

The next thing I realize is that all our stuff is gone. I don't even know where it is right now! And so my first lesson is learned; it is an amazing feeling to not have to move when you move. I feel like some one just let me in on a secret to life. About half way through the packing process I walked throughout the house (I could not just sit idley by). Everything was boxed. The had made chair shaped boxes and cargo bike shaped boxes. Realization number two hit me; these guys are doing a way better job than I would have!

I feel like I just won the lotto or something. It seems like such a luxury to have someone move you. This is a moment when I feel like we must be on the right path. Phase one, move material goods to Dhaka. Check. And now we will live out of suitcases for a month!

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