Monday, June 13, 2011

Our first loss...

It was lola's last day of school last Thursday. We were there to help out and make ice cream. While sitting on the ice cream maker cranking (this is the proper form) I had a unique opportunity to really take in the atmosphere. To drop Lola off in the morning we would walk up the path through a gate and then I would have to duck to make it under the wisteria vine. Then the entire back yard opens up into a kids dream. Sand box, swings, flowers, shade, sun, chickens, garden and the list goes on. The kids were all enthralled with the process of making ice cream and all lent a hand adding ice to the bucket and their mouths and each cranking. I have saved the best for last. The teacher Sherri, she is the nicest lady and she has a great way with kids. After meeting her I never doubted that my daughter was in the right hands. So thank you Sherri for creating the place and the atmosphere and being the best teacher Lola could have. Moving away from the Hummingbird Playgarden is our first loss and we will all miss it.
There is an ice cream maker in there somewhere...

Chillin out

Nature's bounty

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