Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Preparations abound

The last few months have been intense. Working two jobs,raising a three year old, selling cars, yard sales, paperwork and packing... Wow. Today was the last day of this school year! I am able to breath now. Not because I will have any more free time but because now I can do the things I want. We are moving to Bangladesh in July and trying to get everything ready has not really given me the chance to be excited. I have my wife Jessica to thank for being the motivator and getting our job in Dhaka. We have been at our current jobs for 6 years and we really needed a change. To keep us sane and to keep us positive as teachers. We will miss our families, friends, town and our home.... But this is a life changer, we have to do it. I hope to use this blog as a way for people to check in on us at any time. I want input from all of you as to what you want to hear about. So let me know if you want to hear less about work and more travel, or more pics and less sarcasm etc.


  1. Good luck! Looking forward to hearing/seeing your adventures and reflections on your new life.

  2. I think more sarcasm is required...

  3. Right, more sarcasm... I'm not very good at sarcasm so you will have to bare with me