Friday, September 7, 2012

iPad Guitar Amp!

Ever wanted to have a bunch of guitar amps and various effects boxes? Yeah, I know me too! I just could never justify spending the cash or packing all that stuff around (mostly because my guitar skills are not very good). Well I have just figured out a cool way to get all those amps and boxes using the iPad and Garage Band. Here is what you will need:

1. 1/4 inch male (Stereo) to 3.5mm female (Stereo) headphone adapter
2. 3.5mm male (Stereo) to dual female RCA adapter
3. 1/4 inch male (Mono) to female RCA cable
4. 3.5mm male video (has 3 rings as opposed to the 2 on regular headphone plug) to male RCA (there will usually be three colors: red white and yellow)
5. An iPad with Garage Band App
6. Guitar with a pickup

This is how it will be set up.
The video 3.5mm jack goes into the iPad.
The yellow RCA hooks to the female RCA to 1/4 mono jack which pluggs into the Guitar.
The Red and White RCA plug into the RCA to headphone adapter which you can either plug into headphones or you ca plug into an amp.

Now open Garage Band and select the Guitar amp. You will need to turn on the monitor in the input settings see picture below:

Now when you play the guitar it sends a signal to the iPad. With the iPad you can use any of the amp and effects combinations available and it will send the doctored audio signal out to your headphones or amp. The sounds that you are capable of with this setup is pretty impressive. I have not figured out a substitute for the WahWah peddle but you could easily put one between the iPad and the amp. Now go get lost in the iPad and find the right sound for you!

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  1. I truly appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You've made my day! Thank you again!now i get a guitar amp and ipad so i want to have a try as what you have post! thanks!