Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book of the Week: Of Men and Mountains by William O. Douglas

William O. Douglas was a Supreme Court Justice that grew up in Yakima, Washington. He has a crazy story during his childhood where he ended up bedridden and was told he would not walk again. Lucky for him, he did walk again and he savored every moment from then on. This book is collection of stories from all ages, about fishing, camping and hiking in the wondrous Cascade Mountains. He has stories of hiking by himself or with wild friends. Stories of near death experiences and soliloquies about how the outdoors has saved his life and changed men. He has a bit of a philosophical take on the world but also has a great sense of humor. This was one of my favorite books for reading when I could not get out into the woods. I have read it 3-4 times and enjoyed each and every moment. My copy has been passed around and shows its use. Out of the dozen "Best Outdoor Books of all Time" list that I have read this book made it onto... none of them and I can't understand why. This is a much better book than a lot of the books on those lists. This is a must read for any outdoors lover, especially if you are a Washington State native.

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