Friday, January 6, 2012


Sanur is a cool little town that is close to the airport on the East side of the Southern Tip of Bali. It is coastal and the pace of life is nice and mellow. The architecture is fun. Everything is detailed, the smallest railing is flourished, any visible piece of wood is carved and painted. Here is a pic of a standard wall in Bali, obsess much?

Its Scooter mania here. Not quite as bad as Thailand but they've got it bad for their scooters, Let these pictures do the talking...

 But this one is my personal vavorite... This guy seems to have the goods the ladies need...

The religious beliefs dictate that the people leave offerings to the various gods. They are these little baskets made of palms that have banana leaves, rice, flowers, sometimes money, sometimes cigaretts. here is a good one. This stone sculpture has been rapped, given many offerings and seems to have quite the smoking habbit.

Food was reasonably priced and decent. It was a great place to start our vacation in Bali. We stayed at the Villa Warna which I would recommend to anyone. It is southern Sanur nestled in the residential area. It was very quiet and comfortable. The web site claims that it is only 200 meters to the beach which is way off (it is more like 750) but it was easily walkable. We walked to most of our meals and enjoyed daily tropical rain storms. My only complaint about Sanur were the overzealous taxi drivers. We were asked almost constantly if we needed a taxi and when we said no, they would ask, "Maybe tomorrow?" The local people seemed to be very friendly and love their island. Our favorite places to eat were the Massimo Italian Restaurant. The food was amazing and they have a gelato bar! We also ate at a restaurant that I cannot remember the name of with tables on the beach that had a great whole snapper. Here are some pics from our restaurant on the beach...

 The local Balinese gas stations are great! They are clear bottles that they fill with gas. They are placed in these simple racks on the side of the road. The best ones use absolute vodka bottles. I think it is some sort of commentary on fuel being the alcohol of of transportation... or maybe they are just the right size.

During our stay in Sanur we took a day trip to Changgu to go to Des Ex Machina's Temple Of Enthusiasm. Check out the next post for more on Deus.

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