Friday, January 6, 2012

Nusa Lembongan

We left our home in Sanur on Christmas Eve Eve and took a ferry out to Nusa Lembongan. It is a small island east off the southern tip of Bali. We used Scoot Fast Cruise, which was nicely run and not too expensive. It was another example of the great dichotomy of travel. We arrived in a cove that was full of floating water slides and large party boats. Luckily they were just there for the day, you know to get sunburned and drink beer. After getting off the ferry we were shuttled in the back of a small truck up and over the hill to the next cove over. A fun ride that the kids loved. Took me back to the days as kids when we used to ride in the back of pickups all summer. Here we are in the shuttle (Photo courtesy of George Gibbs)

We stayed at the Waka Nusa Hotel which we booked through Agoda. Cool overall experience. Once you leave the road it is all sand paths through the huts to the office. We were greeted with cold towels and fresh watermelon juice. Here is a picture of our room:

There is an air of going back in time (no TV's annoying alarm clocks, telephones or internet) and yet it was comfortable (hot water, AC, and electricity). Of course, no one would come here for to stay in their room all day! So here are some pictures of the real reasons to come here: White sand beaches, clear water and nice views.

Waka Nusa was a great place to stay. They have free boat rides out to good snorkeling, free kayak rental, free bikes and a great complimentary breakfast. This is the only picture I have of the pool which does not really do it just justice... but I am looking good! (Photo courtesy of George Gibbs)

We found a favorite local restaurant and ate there a lot because the food was good, the Bin Tang was cheap and the view was great! Here a few pictures:

I love this picture in the restaurant. Notice the sand floor, perfect for letting the kids play so we could focus on the beer and the view. (Photo courtesy of George Gibbs)

Thanks Robyn for getting this fabulous family portrait! Also at our favorite hangout. Love it when the kids are so tired from the day that they pass out at diner.

We had our Christmas morning here in front of the Christmas tree the Hotel had up. It is such a weird feeling to have Christmas on a beach in perfect weather but we made due...

Kids with presents and the parents with coffee.

The hit was the fake mustaches...

What beach Christmas is complete without a Santa sand sculpture? For the next couple of days it was "Dad, can you make Santa and Miss Claus again?" (Photo courtesy of Robyn Gibbs)

Jessica arranged for me to go surfing Christmas day. I rented a short longboard and went out to a break called "Playground". It is a reef break which I was very nervous about but the swell was mellow and I actually got up. I road some white water and actually caught one wave. Surfed until my arms felt like they would fall off (not very long) and my ribs hurt. Good day! Sadly it was time to move on, I would have liked to have spent more time here though. Next stop, Ubud.

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