Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It has been a while... over a year! To put it another way, I did not write a single post in 2013. Felt weird, but I was busy and my life was changing again. To bring you up to speed: I built a guitar, moved back to California, started teaching Automotive repair again, got a dog, saw both of my kids age another year, went to France, bought vintage LandCruiser and have been buried with work.

Why write again? Why not just fade away to the cemetery of dead blogs? Not sure. It has been calling me. I guess it is something I need to do. It is a way for me to look back and feel accomplished. On a day to day timetable I am not sure what I am getting done but if I go back and look at a year's work or a year's growth it is easier to see. Watching a tree grow is hard to do but looking at pictures of the tree taken at the same time every year would give you a different perspective. That is what this blog is to me. Over the next couple of days I will spend some time chronicling the past year and try to get up to date. I also make a pledge to myself to keep writing on a more regular basis. Here is to an ever changing life!

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