Friday, August 17, 2012

Kitchen Sink Post

Since I have been slipping on my blogging there is lots to catch up on. This is going to be the most random collection of thoughts ever so prepare yourself!

The little guy is growing at an alarming rate. Though he does just eat and sleep... The flight over was a breeze. Infants are amazing to fly with! He is full of smiles and has started touching stuff that he is aiming for. His eyes have been becoming more grey and less blue and there were hints of brown the other day.

She was so excited to get back to her room and seems to be happy with being back in Dhaka. She was not excited about starting school with a new teacher and class. It seems to be that she complains but then is happy while there. She has already talked to her new teacher so that must mean Lola likes her! Lola starts ballet classes soon but has already been busy with play dates and swimming at the club. She is a great big sister and would probably smother Nico with kisses if we did not intervene!

I am amazed at how quickly my wife bounces back to her old self after having a baby. You would never even know she had a baby two months ago. She seems content with life and happy to back in Dhaka as well. She has committed herself to taking pictures of Dhaka this year which is inspiring for me too. She has also been redecorating our house since we have bought the new couch. She is still on maternity leave and does not start teaching until the second week of September. Lucky!

                            The before and after of one of Jessica's latest projects

I cannot believe how good it felt to be back in Dhaka. There was a huge sigh of relief when we walked into our apartment, our home. Even the drive from the airport to our house was fun. There is just so much happening here; it is an energy that you cannot deny. School has started and I am teaching a new class. Design Technology teaches the kids about the design cycle and we have a pretty decent wood shop for them to make things in. The kids are full of energy and ready to start working. I will keep you updated with pictures of their projects. Feels so great to have a creative outlet and a shop to build things! I have started using Pinterest to save all the wonderful ideas that I find out there in the world. Can't believe it took me so long to see the value in it.

I have 5 gallons of a hoppy, high alcohol summer beer that just got moved to the secondary fermenter. I also made a 3 gallon batch of meed that is shaping up to be an amazing thing. I bought The Complete Meadmaker by Ken Schramm and it has proven to be a wealth of knowledge and I am excited by the collection of recipes. This will be the next book of the week so stay tuned.
I plan on restarting my Car of the Week and Book of the Week Posts and get back into the swing of posting more regularly. Summer Break is over and life is busy again.

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  1. Awesome last picture, I bought some supplies for Mead making and I am looking forward to getting a batch going once I am back. I will have to check out your book once you have read it. Cheers, Ken