Friday, February 10, 2012

Night Construction? Anyone?

There are 4 construction sites around our apartment building. I have been documenting the progress since our arrival. They are pretty much working 24 hours a day. At night seems to be when they really get swinging. I have been told this is because it is easier to get the concrete trucks in when there is no traffic. Last night I woke up at about 1:30 and there was an excavator going crazy on the foundations at one site. I think they have failed to grease any of the joints ever. Every scoop is like some crazy lurching screech... excellent. The impressive thing is how quickly some of these projects get put up. I guess when there are no real codes, LOTS of cheap labor and the fact that they work 24 hours a say is great for finishing projects in a timely manner. Here are some pics...

This is the first one I took in September. The far building is only 2 stories and the closer one (bottom right corner) is only 3 stories.

This is the closer on and they are getting ready to pour some concrete for the 4th floor

This is about 9:30 at night... working hard. They have the 4th floor poured and the walls are getting formed up.This was a tough shot to get. I had my mini-pod velcroed to the railing. Long (1.6 seconds) exposure for the ambient glow and x-mas lights. You can see a dark area on the right which is my arm: I had to cover and uncover the two large spotlights so that they would not blow out the picture. Took me 3-4 tries but it was worth it.

Love this shot. The guy in yellow must be some sort of foreman as he is just checking it out like he owns the place. 5th or 6th story of the far building.

Up to 8 stories and no end in site!

Keep in mind this guy is 9 stories up. Work shoe of choice? Leather sandal. Safety harness? We don't need no stinking safety harness!

Close building: working on the 9th floor

Lucky Lucky Lucky!