Monday, December 12, 2011

Drinking Beer!

So I am finally enjoying my first batch of Bangladesh Beer. The recipe is a Dark Lager kit from The Beverage People in Santa Rosa. If you know your beers, a lager goes through a period of refrigerated fermenting (or Lagering) before its second fermentation and then bottling. As you can imagine i have no way of lagering five gallons of beer for weeks at a time so I did not lager my beer. So I am not really sure what to call it... For those familiar with the Ukiah Brewing Company it is remarkably similar to a 10 Guilder. For all you others out there the closest thing I can come up with is a bit darker and more flavorful version of a Negro Modelo. There are some issue that have taken me a few days to figure out. When I added my priming sugar to the beer apparently I did not mix it very well because all the early bottles are carbonated well and all the later bottles have no carbonation at all. So now I need to go back and re-prime the uncabonated ones... At least I will have some to drink while I do it!

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