Friday, October 21, 2011

Random Tidbits

Ride number three today. Good to get out in the sticks again. I met up with two other teachers from school and road with them. Three foreigners riding bikes for fun... Needless to say we were a magnetic sight. Kids were running out from the roadside, yelling from across the river and generally going crazy. I felt like a greater at MallWart, having to say hi to every one I passed.

Went to the air conditioning shop and bought copper to make a wort chiller. No, not for removing strange growths on my body but for cooling my beer after boiling. I am getting close to brewing...

The first quarter is already over here! Time is flying with so much to do.

Our lime tree just exploded with blossoms last week. Can't wait for a G-n-T with home grown limes.

Lost my wedding ring for the second time at the soccer field. This time I was not successful in locating it... I am not superstitious so this is not a bad omen for our marriage or anything. Just kind of a bummer. Now I can say, "I left my ring in Bangladesh."

We are done unpacking our shipment from the states and just need to hang a few more pics on the wall. Nice to have a home again!

The cargo bike is a hit at school. The little kids just go crazy when they see it and start firing off questions that never occurred to me to ask.

Other than that, just living.

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  1. Glad you guys got more settled. I can't imagine the transition without your stuff to be able to call the new place home. Keep on the riding, you can be the next Pro from Bangladesh.....