Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fabric Market

Jessica organized a trip to the local fabric market. First stop was the "New Market" and the next was "Chadni Chowk". We were a caravan of two cars and a total of 5 people and a baby. It took us about 30 minutes to get there as traffic was light and both cars made it at the same time (a feat I still cannot explain). We started wandering through the New Market which is just a collection of permanent, semi-permanent and temporary shops. The vast majority of which are completely useless because they are not what we were shopping for or were a near exact copy of the ten other stores right next door. Here are some gems from the New Market:

If this were the US the guy would have boxed them up and used a hand truck or maybe a small golf cart to deliver these. It is not only simpler here but it just looks better!

The stairway in the middle of the market. The best part? Guy in the middle is rocking a half shirt and it is not pretty.

The real deal

Veggies. Is it wrong that it looks better on some nasty concrete than it does under some florescent lights in a grocery store. The grocery store still wins though because it would take about 10 minutes of bargaining to get a decent price here.

Not sure I even need to caption this...

Its the little things. I still have not figured out the color coding system.

The next stop was Chadni Chowk's. I huge fabric market. The outside is temporary tarp covered stands selling shoes, clothing and the like. Inside are tiny little stalls, the largest about 8feet by 10 feet and the norm was about 6 feet by 4 feet. Each owned by a different person. Lined floor to ceiling with folded fabrics of pretty much any style. At this point all were overwhelmed and we just wandered through a fraction of the stalls. We will be back though! My mom would love it. It was really hard to get good pictures because of the close quarters and the florescent lighting but here are a few to give you the idea:
Jessica in the zone.

Hands on the hips signifying the resignation that there is no way any decisions are being made today.

Liz with baby and Wendy wheeling and dealing.

Michelle and Jessica.

The Stacks. I have no idea how things stay so neat.

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